WikiWHAT?! The weirdest images from WikiHow.

The sub-reddit, WikiWHAT has captioned some hilarious images from the infamous WikiHow pages on t’internet:

mein kampf
“This is actually the first draft of Mein Kampf, but Hitler wasn’t pleased with it.” Reddit: @TheCasualWorker
wiki how horse - Copy
Tom used the time he had alone with his horse to try out his new battle technique: “The five finger death punch” Reddit: @MoreDrugsMoreThreesomes
wiki how - Copy
“What version of Windows is this?” Reddit: @Lettucefromasafeway
reddit wikiwhat
“This is how gay and lesbian people smile” Reddit: @Lettucefromsafeway
“Johnny didn’t have a girlfriend, so he found the next best thing.” Reddit: @BitchAss
wikihow pages
“After calling them stupid, the emojis sought revenge on Mark until he snapped.” Reddit: @Destroyerofcheez
reddit wikihow
“Chris decides to try out his new powers by fucking with the sky” Reddit: @Destroyerofcheez
wikihow reddit
“Kelly thought nobody would know she was eating her roomate’s hot pockets, but the ghost of Bill Gates knew.” Reddit: @Givemethegold
wikihow reddit
“Ben was hungry, but not for just anything.” Reddit: @Kyg


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