How to Strobe – Makeup Techniques and Good Products to Use

Thanks to the Kardashian siblings, contouring has been reigning the makeup world for the past year.

How to Strobe – Makeup Techniques and Good Products to Use

However, strobing has become the next best thing to create a natural and flawless complexion. The concept of strobing is quite simple and all you need is to intelligently apply the highlighter on your face, bringing out those features which receive the maximum light.

The mega concealer contouring with bronzer and layers of makeup looks amazing in photo shoots and videos but appears quite artificial in daytime. Strobing gives a spectacular finish in real-life as it helps to reflect the light off your face. The highlighter naturally amplifies the reflective radiance of your skin.

How to Strobe


Remember that strobing is the final step of your overall makeup, which means that it goes on top of all other staples you are wearing, such as your blush or foundation.

Before you begin the strobing procedure, give a matte finish to the areas of your face that you don’t wish to highlight, like your chin, nose tip or your forehead, else it will give your face more of a greasy look than a natural gleam. Mattify these areas before applying foundation to your skin. You can use a tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream to achieve this.

The next step is the application of your highlighter. Apply a small quality to all of those areas where light would normally strike your face. It is time now to perfectly blend the applied highlighter with the help of your fingers, buffing brush or a sponge; and Voila! you are all set to relish your more defined, naturally contoured face.

Selecting Perfect Products to Strobe

While purchasing your strobing products, keep two things in mind – your skin type and your skin tone. In addition also avoid adding anything too sparkly to your cart. The women who have an oily skin or combination skin can opt for powder highlighters, while the creamy ones go perfectly on normal and dry skin types. Similarly, the cool-toned highlighters on cool skin and warm-toned hues on warm skin give a seamless and natural look.

Top of the Lot Strobing Products

Scroll down to read more about some of the products that will surely help you acquire perfect strobing look and convert you into a dewy, radiant goddess:

  • Mac Strobe Cream: Strobe cream by Mac is one of the most well-known strobing creams. Apply the product after using moisturizer and primer and concentrate on the high points of your face to have an illuminating result.
  • NYX Born to Glow Illuminator: This product comes in peach and pink tones and gives long-lasting smooth results. The best part is that it is absolutely economical to buy.
  • Illamasqua Gleam: For excellent strobing results, Illamasqua Gleam is an ideal pick as it is absolutely convenient to apply and gives consistent results. Instead of applying it all over face, use it to highlight the areas you want to strobe.

The results achieved by strobing are more subtle, soft and natural as compared to the harsh effects of contouring. Take cue from this post and create an amazing, dewy look for your next outing.




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