Gothenburg, Sweden: Three Minute Guide to the Coast-side City.

Get the lowdown on a weekend in Gothenburg

My chums and I really wanted a holiday. We were all down about a variety of things – from work (lack of, or too much), life (lack of) and love (again, lack of or too much).

So we flicked through the usual websites for a bargain and sprung upon a goldmine – Gothenburg, Sweden. Here’s five great reasons you should travel to this gorgeous city.

  1. The Flights and Hotel are cray-cray cheap.


Our flights from London Stanstead were £9 (single). Yup, £9. That’s three coffees. That’s a McDonald’s meal with a few sides. That’s just bonkers, right? Find the deal on

(Before you ask, the aeroplane did have two wings and our pilot wasn’t a monkey in a suit.)

There are also plenty of hotels and hostels to choose from if budget is an issue. We stayed at Quality Hotel, Gothenburg. It’s a little out of the centre but has boats and buses directly into town from its doorstep.  With a four person room costing roughly £50 each for two nights, it’s not to be quibbled at.

Oh, and it also has an outside hot tub. No biggie.

2. Sail around the city for free.


OK, it isn’t exactly free, but there are a variety of public boats used as part of transport in Gothenburg. Simply grab yourself a 1, 2, or 3 day pass for the transport services and you’ll be on your way! Buses, trams, boats… you name it. They’ll be yours for around £10 per day.

3. Head over to Southern Islands (archipelago)


Enjoy a day trip (with your trusty day saver transport ticket) to the cluster of islands on Gothenburg’s south coast. You’ll find paddle boarding, kayaking and many other options to explore these beautiful islands.

4. Stick in the city for shopping, food and gorgeousness.


For a smaller city, Gothenburg has a host of clubs, bars and restaurants, filled to the brim with gorgeous Swedish people. Yup, fo’ reals, they’re all stunning.

We recommend the Stora Teatern – a fantastic funky theatre/outdoor bar with cocktails galore.

Note: food and drink is fairly expensive – think London tourist prices. Stock up on breakfast bars before you head on the plane.

5. Indulge in nature and visit the Delsjon.


The Delsjön consist of two lakes, Stora Delsjön and Lilla Delsjön. Hop onto a local tram and you can scoot on over the nature reserve located in eastern Gothenburg. You can also hire out sailing boats, kayaks and canoes here and spend the day sunbathing on your own private island in the middle of the two lakes.




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