Hostel or hotel? Find your answer to the big question.

Unsure whether you should stay in a hotel or hostel?

hostel or hotel

I’ve been checking out a few travel blogs this week and this post stood out to me! It’s so easy to click “why not” on the hostel button, but is it REALLY the cheapest and most effective option?

Hostels are fantastic for meeting people, sharing experiences and reasonably priced rooms. However if talking to strangers ain’t yo thang, then Air b’n’b, family hotel rooms and apartments are fantastic alternatives.

Staying at a hostel can be a great way to save money, find a bed on the fly, and meet fellow travelers. That being said, hostels are not for everyone and could turn spirits sour if used for the wrong reasons. Before you click “BOOK NOW,” here are five huge factors to consider for your […]

via Hostels: Worth it? 5 Key Factors. — mplstomunich

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