Brexit won. Remain lost. Now stop complaining.

Brexit won the EU referendum this morning. Now what?

Waking up this morning, my social media feeds were full of a divided country, and a country full of hate for another half of the population.

I’ve openly stated that this referendum was a foolish and irresponsible idea – considering the gravity of the result and the lack of complete clarity the public have over the facts.

But, nevertheless, votes have been cast. The Brexit campaign have won, and now Remainers need to take themselves to “time out” and just chillax for a sec. Here’s some of the sad, irrelevant things stated on social media that need to stop:

1.”Farage is going to be PM. Lord have mercy on us.”

Um…wha…huh? Since when was Nigel Farage even in the run for PM, let alone in the House of Commons? He is merely a spokesperson for the campaign… and a far easier target that Boris Johnson.

2.  “The older generation have decided for the younger.”

We’ve just been part of what David Cameron called “a giant democratic exercise”. 33 million people had their say on how our country should be affected in the future. There are always going to be differences in opinion over age groups. But you’re forgetting – the future is uncertain for many over 50s – no one quite knows how this will affect pensions, for instance. So put down your pitch forks and stop giving the retired Lollypop lady a death stare.

Also, this vote has happened before, in 1975. John O’Sullivan writes about how unfair and persuasive towards the ‘Vote Yes’ campaign the previous vote was, and how perhaps the older generation have “been there and done that” when it comes to the EU:

Voters, it seems, have longer memories than their betters. That has made for a fairer, better–contested and more realistic campaign (in 2016). It also explains the lower levels of EU support from those who were politically aware in 1975 than from those born later. The over-65s have seen this movie before, and they don’t need higher education to know how it ends.

3.  “This means the end of the UK as we know it. Bye, bye Scotland.”

Does anyone seriously think that Scotland will undertake another referendum in the near future? And besides, oil prices have dropped significantly today so… they may have to stay for a wee bit.

Toby Young says:

It’s not a foregone conclusion that Northern Ireland will now choose to leave the UK and join the Republic, particularly given how narrowly Remain beat Leave in the region. As for Scotland, let’s not take the SNP’s threats to push for a second referendum too seriously. Would the Scots really choose to leave a democratic union for an undemocratic one?

4. “Thanks for fucking up the economy guys.”

The economy rises and falls, that’s a fact. Yes, it fell dramatically after the news, but the FTSE is now back to where it was on Monday 20th June. Yeah, four days ago. Think of how this could be an opportunity for business. House prices can reduce so that people can get on the property ladder, interest rates are likely to go down so mortgages will be less… The list goes on.

FTSE companies after brexit
FTSE data, as of 11.30am 24th June 2016

5. “I now live in a country of bigots and racists.”

Woooaaah, hold that horse cowboy. Immigration is a part of the Vote Leave campaign, sure, but it’s not the whole ticket. With David Cameron staying on till October for the “dust to settle”, he will likely arrange some sort of agreement to encourage movement of labour throughout Europe irrespective of the vote. And besides, the gross majority of our immigration doesn’t actually come from the EU.

He’s not gonna leave Aunt Marg in Spain on a lurch, and neither will your friend from Poland be asked to get on the next plane.

Personally, I’m intrigued to see what the next move is for Britain.

What’s your thoughts?

HH xo



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  1. draliman says:

    Well, it’ll be exciting to find out. We only have two and a bit years to wait before we actually leave the EU… 🙂

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Yes quite…a whole lot can happen in those 2 years! Thanks for the comment HH xo

  2. Manpss says:

    Yes, someone finally said it! It is NOT the end of the world! I only just signed into Twitter now after exams and all I have in my Twitter feed is people going on and on about what’s listed above in your post. There was a referendum. We got the results. Now, it is time to move on and see what next is done or is to be done! I was never for Brexit but I think everyone is going too far.

  3. polianthus says:

    Oh very interesting I like it! thanks for the follow I look forward to reading more on your though provoking blog! Best wishes Poli

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