Tapping a Can of Pop – Does it Actually Stop it Fizzing? Science Tells All.

Do you tap the top of your pop can before opening it to reduce the fizz?

Well, we may all be on to something, says science.

One of those life queries, like why we open a banana at the top and not the bottom, or why Chris Evans is on TV, has been answered. Kind of.

A Science wiz, life query answer-er and Chemistry Lecturer has told The Conversation that tapping your drink may have a (really really small) affect on your drink.

Christopher Arthur Edward Hamlett says:

‘The bubbles in an unopened can nucleate at the walls, so tapping the can before opening could dislodge some of the bubbles, enabling them to float to the top of the liquid.

…When a can is opened, the bubbles expand with those deeper within the liquid travelling further than those near the surface, displacing more of the drink and possibly resulting in greater amounts of ejected liquid. A “tapped” can will have fewer of these “deep” bubbles and so less liquid will be dislodged – and possibly sprayed out – than an “untapped” can.’

Look at this awesomely cool can related image to prove it:

why tapping a can stops it fizzing
Figure 2 from The Conversation

We want to do the can-can at this uncanny amount of can-related good news.

However, it’s probably still best to just leave your can of coke alone for a bit before opening it.

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  1. amymadus says:

    I am so getting two cans to try it out… Yay! me…

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Haha, let me know how it goes ;).

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