Noel Edmonds says cancer could be caused by being a negative ninny. World rolls eyes.

Noel Edmonds has suggested that a man’s cancer was caused by his negative attitude.

Noel Edmonds has been trending on twitter for a few hours now.

No, he’s not dead. He’s still just a complete moron.

He’s in the limelight after tweeting about a cancer patient, suggesting that negative thoughts and mind processes could encourage those nasty cancer blobs to grow.

The Deal or No Deal presenter posted a photo of an EMP pad. The device apparently can slow down the ageing process, reduce pain, eliminate depression and “cure” cancer.

noel edmonds twitter
Via @NoelEdmonds Twitter.

When cancer sufferer Vaun Earl responded to the picture, calling it “Quackery”, here’s what Noel said (prepare to put your head in your hands and cringe big time):

noel edmonds twitter
Cringe cringe cringe… @NoelEdmonds

So yeah, Noel Edmonds just tried to blame a man’s cancer on his apparent negative attitude.

This is scary for a variety of reasons. Mis-comprehension of diseases and how to effectively treat them cause people to assume that having a bag of herbs in your hat and shoving mint leaves in your shoes will get rid of terminal illnesses.

We don’t want any more people in the world who think it’s OK to not vaccinate their children, to fob off modern medicine or assume slight electro-pulses are going to cure their loved one of cancer.

noel edmonds twitter
@NoelEdmonds Twitter

Also, we definitely don’t want those affected by cancer to worry they aren’t being ‘positive’ enough.

Professor Jane Maher, Chief Medical Officer of Macmillan Cancer Support, spoke to The Independent.

“Cancer and its treatment can be a very scary experience, making some people feel helpless and too tired to be positive…But that does not mean they can’t also survive their disease.”

“Some patients tell us that having a positive attitude helps them when coping but we also know that a positive attitude means different things to different people and there should be no pressure on anyone to feel or act in a certain way.

Oh Noel, oops you’ve done it again.

HH xo


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  1. Karen says:

    What a twat.

  2. CSGO says:

    Very good web page you have got right here

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Many thanks – he causes a bit of eye rolling sometimes!

  3. Belinda O says:

    Well I mean really. Technically speaking, illness IS caused by negative energy — if you consider things like bacteria and cancer cells gaining control of your body to be a negative thing. The rest…hooey. And insulting to those fighting cancer everywhere.

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Very interesting comment. In essence I suppose it is! It’s bizarre of Noel to say something like that though… it’s almost like a publicity stunt! Hope you’re well and thanks for commenting Belinda. HH xo

      1. Belinda O says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not supporting him in any way and it doesn’t sound like he was thinking the way I was. Maybe. I try not to judge, but when people make ignorant comments like that it hurts me because it’s so hurtful to many in a vulnerable situation.

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