Muhammed Ali Dies At 74, tributes from Madonna and Nelson Mandela.

Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Muhammed Ali has died at aged 74 after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

His nickname, ‘The Greatest’, served to be factual. Ali became one of the most influential athletes on the planet, with a dynamic blend of sporting master-ship and warm charisma.

Pro Boxer James DeGale, tweeted:

A very sad day for my sport. There are few real heroes left in this world. Today we lost “The Greatest of All Time”

News of his death was released by his family’s spokesman early on Saturday morning. The Greatest passed away at a hospital in Arizona after being rushed in with respiratory issues.

Mike Tyson tweeted:
Mike tyson muhammed ali death
@MikeTyson shared his thoughts on his idol’s death.
Alongside sporting champions, entertainers, singers including Madonna and politicians like Nelson Mandela have shared their grief:


madonnanelson mandella

RIP Ali, you were a true inspiration.
HH xo

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