Let’s guess who Craig David is with this week.

Craig David is pretty much everywhere at the moment. We’d kinda wondered what the secret of his comeback was (apart from those abs and that singing voice) and now we know – he’s been getting tips from a limelight-hogging genius.

“Fill me in” singer has been snapping pictures with someone who has a well known catch phrase, just like Craig.

Yup that’s right, Craig cosied up with one half of the Chuckle Brothers, Paul Chuckle who we like to think is a wise old owl figure for our Craigy.

Although they haven’t done much since that bonkers song with Tinchy Strider, Paul Chuckle ain’t going anywhere and it seems the Chuckle Brothers have a few plans up their sleeve to stay in the public eye. Which we are actually crazy excited about.

paul chuckle and craig david

They look like they’re having fun though, right?

Feature single, do you reckon?

HH xo

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