Baby got Backlash – Blake Lively Criticised Over Racial Term.

I was a bit baffled this morning when I saw that Blake Lively was trending on twitter for captioning a photo with a line from the infamous Sir-Mix-Alot’s Baby Got Back:

“LA face with an Oakland Booty”

blake lively racist
Baby got Backlash

It all started with a picture of her butt on Instagram.

Lively, who is preggers with her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, got a stream of abuse saying that the line had racist undertones:

A heap of tweets were offended by the idea that a white, privileged woman could be so ‘out of touch.’

blake tweets

In consideration, the song lyrics are pretty have offensive undertones – the suggestion is that  the ‘LA face’ is glamorous and elegant, whereas the ‘Oakland booty’ is sexualised.

But is that Blake’s fault? Where is the interviewer’s microphone to Sir-Mix-Alot for differentiating white and black bodies/beauty in such a way?

Has she just it right caption wise?

I don’t know…what do you think?

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  1. Hey Hannah,
    Interesting post! Just wanted to chime in with some thoughts. Hope they are able to assist in further dialogue surrounding this issue. Women’s bodies have been sexualized for quite some time and that is neither Sir Mix A Lot’s or Blake Lively’s fault but both have called attention to it today. As a woman of color I appreciate SMAL’s song because it celebrated(s) black female features at a time when those features were seen as ugly or not wanted due to an established “white standard of beauty.” That standard forwards the notion that “light skin is the right skin” and the closer one is to being white the more beautiful they are. This is something that has divided the Black community since the slave days to my knowledge and one of the biggest reasons that skin lightening is such a large industry internationally. Look at the commercials and movies we watch? It is far and few between that you find lead actresses in major motion pictures or commercials that are anything other than white so basically being told by mainstream media that you don’t matter or exist can take a toll. The new trend now is to have black features (big booties, hairstyles and strong curves) on white women (hello Kardashians). Back to your point lol, there is no mic to SMAL because he didn’t create the issue but was providing a musical acknowledgement of the plight of black women. Should the whole world “come” for Blake Lively, no. She was referencing a song and to me it wasn’t an issue. Do I see why some people are upset, yes. As a white woman she already holds a lot of privilege so the issue to me is not in her referencing the song but more so in the perception that she is able to benefit from the use of black features. Again, do I have a problem with this no, lol I have other things to worry about. Do I understand why people are upset, yes. Let me know if you’d like to discuss this further. I’m always open to hearing multiple viewpoints to better understand an issue! Thanks again for the interesting post!

    1. hannahadkins says:

      What an interesting an enlightening comment, thank you so very much Christina. As a white woman myself I feel I can only really relate what you have mentioned to how I feel about sexism – it’s now so engrained in our culture that when a sexist comment arises, it’s often overlooked and the upset party is dismissed. I am following you as your writing style, viewpoint and way of expressing your opinions is fantastic. HH xo.

      1. Thanks so much Hannah, right back at you! I really enjoy being able to read such thought provoking and even more so getting to discuss it. I’ll keep an eye out for more of your posts! <3 CL

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