David Cameron is on Tinder – Single Ladies beware!

You may want to look a bit more carefully when you swipe on Tinder from now on…

Although the happily married PM assures us he’s not actually on Tinder for a ‘date’, David Cameron has reportedly turned to dating app to encourage under 25 year old Brits to register to vote for the EU Referendum in June.

Changes to the registration process means that millions of us cannot vote currently. If you think one of these is you – you can sign up here.

Cameron thinks that the 1990’s kids are pretty important to his plea to remain in the EU, with polls suggesting that under 25 year olds are more inclined to want to stay and not stray from our relationship with Europe…even though some may say we’re best off as friends and we don’t have that spark any more and y’know, it’s hard #longtermrelationships.

The Prime Minister will also be having meetings with the likes of Facebook and Twitter to encourage more of the young hip and cool people. So if he posts a cry laughing emoji on your next status, don’t be surprised.



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