How To Tuesday: Personalised Vintage Penguin Book Art

Do you have a few hours spare this Tuesday and fancy doing something creative? Why not create your own Penguin Book cover.

I do love a good DIY art project and I’ve been seeing a few adaptations of the classic Penguin book cover around, so I decided to create my own vintage and all a bit rustic version.

If you need any other guidance, comment below. I’d love to see your creations!

1) First up- grab some old MDF or Ply board.

diy how to make art

If you want a ‘rustic’ (or as my Mum calls it, past it) looking Penguin Classic book cover, I suggest going for some scraps of MDF, an old cupboard door or a few bits of wood that you can put together. Here, I used two piece of MDF that created a rectangular book shape when aligned.

I’ve put them on my bench – it’s new. Do you like it? #homepurchases 🙂

2) Split into three sections with masking tape and paint your desired colours.

painting boards white

To create a really rustic/vintage look, I painted the boards white with a roller, then the top and bottom third a classic bright blue. Once this was dry, I went over with a purple shade so that the blue shows through slightly.

painting diy fun

Afterwards, just take off the masking tape and if you have any mean little runs, perfect these with  a fine brush and a bit of patience (my worst enemy!).

Tip: to make your Penguin Classic book cover look even more scrummy and vintage, I rubbed in a small amount of black paint into the lines between the colour and white paint.

3) Cut out stencils for your writing and the Penguin logo.

gill sans regular stencil

Yeah, I suppose I could have tried to do this free-hand, but blimey…#effort.

The Penguin logo and Penguin classic Typeface can be easily found online. For the title of your book, use Gill Sans Bold, and for the author section use Gill Sans Regular. You’ll also need to cut out that cute little penguin (see below). 

penguin classic book cover logo

5) Fill in the writing with black paint….and voilà – you have the finished project :).

personalised penguin book cover

I do love how it’s a bit wonky – it creates a certain vintage, hipster edge to it.

Let me know how you get on 🙂

HH xo


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