Boris Johnson the pepper and Kate Middleton the jelly bean. 5 times food looked like a celebrity. 

At Hopeless,  we give thanks to the Cheeto that looks like Katy Perry, or the  egg that looks like Russel Brand.

You make our Mondays complete, you freaky unappetising things.

And to the people who spot the unspott-able. Keep on doing what youre doing.

boris pepper
The moment you cut open a pepper and Boris says hello.
Is this Cheeto or Kanye’s Ex?
A jelly bean…or Kate Middleton?
ET phone home via a delicious snack.
90’s heart throb Justin Timberlake and his long lost brother, the noodle.

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  1. Gradmama2011 says:

    Yes, I love your blog…innovative and unique. Cool, too. and Funny 🙂

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Ah thanks so much 🙂 very kind!

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