Lil Kim Shocks Twitter with new look

Twitter went insane in the membrane today over Lil Kim’s new look.

But fans of Lil Kim haven’t just gone cray cray over a new choppy fringe, the Big  Momma Thang rapper has changed her… actual… skin.

Photo from @LilKimthequeenbee instagram
Hardly recognisable, right?
Photo from @LilKimthequeenbee instagram
lil kim new look
Lil Kim looks unrecognisable. Image from @LilKimthequeenbee instagram

Since posting the selfies, Lil Kim has shared a quote with her instagram followers which has sparked further debate about why many celebrities, who seem to have it all, have such a tragic perception of their own looks:

lil kim european.jpg

This tragic quote highlights how, when unsupported, anxiety and self confidence issues can take self and mind control from even the most talented of individuals.

Some followers are even suggesting Lil Kim has BDD – Body Dysmorphic Disorder. The BDD charity have stated that Michael Jackson  may have also suffered from this mental disorder.

Do her followers have a right to be upset or “disappointed” – if by changing her body, her face and skin colour, Lil Kim finds happiness – should they celebrate her choices?

Instead of saying Lil Kim has disappointed her fans, should she not receive love and support, when going through mental illness?

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  1. Donalda says:

    Internalized racism at its worse. Everywhere you turn we are told that being a regular black girl, even a cute one like Lil’ Kim WAS (she a white girl now) is not good enough. It’s tragic. This is why as a black woman, I don’t try to emulate non-black women’s beauty in any way. I do not need straight hair, light skin, or light eyes to be or feel beautiful and neither does any black woman. We need more gorgeous black women like Lolita N’yongo in the public eye for our daughter’s sake. No more tragic cases like Lil’ Kim.

    1. hannahadkins says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Donalda, you’ve got a fantastic point. I found her transformation so devastating – she was so inspiring when she first came onto the scene for women of all races.

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