10 Things to learn when you’re 25.

1) “Sexy” just isn’t sexy any more.


You outgrow ‘sexy bad guys.’ Say goodbye to the mind games, talking endlessly about his new gym schedule and LAD banter that just is not that funny.

2) Your parents are the wisest people in the whole universe.


Although you’re getting older, it’s still good to get advice from the parents. Like larger Yodas and easier to comprehend – advice from the ever caring rents gets heard – and you actually follow it. Or think about following it.

3) Clubbing is actually quite dull. 


You’re in the same club you have been in for five years. You see a good looking guy and then realise he looks like an older version of that yr.7 from your old school… OH NO WAIT it’s him. You cry into your Vodka Redbull and Pitbull counts in Spanish over the speakers.

4) You consider jobs for several reasons, including a very impressive pension plan. 


Who wants to be poor when they are old? I mean… I’m over a 1/3 of the way to a bus pass!


5) Going out for one drink really means one drink. 


Does no one realise you’ve got work in the morning!? Sheesh!


6) You don’t ignore the dirt on your floor or the shower filling up due to hair overload. 


#CleanBathroom #CleanLife #Hashtag #UnnecessaryHashtag #Trending #Followme

The funny thing is, you actually WANT to clean it. And then feel really oddly satisfied with your handy work. #cleanhomehappyhome


7) You see wrinkles




Holy shit. I need to stop frowning/smiling/ moving my face at all.


8) You eat a pizza slice and can literally see it forming on your arse.




Long gone are the days of KFC followed by a ‘share’ size dairy milk for yourself and your legs still were sticks. Buh-bye metabolism!


9) Celebrities who are younger than you make you physically sick. 


shocked-spit-out-drink_1156151_GIFSoup.com (1)


Instantly makes one ponder: “What have I done with my life? If only I had overtly pressurizing parents I could be as screwed up and rich as them.”



10) You learn to actually enjoy being young. 

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Yes you’re no longer 21, but you’re still young.

School is years of pressure, university is pressure. Now you are in your twenties you can find your own path, and learn to enjoy doing it your own way!


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