Husband with alzehimers surprises wife beautifully.

Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with alzehimers three years ago. He struggles to remember most things, including his wife of 60 years, Doris.


Melvyn used to buy Doris flowers every Mother’s Day. A few days before Mothering Sunday Melvyn went missing. Doris was distraught. Because of his alzehimers, Melvyn did not know his way around the town they lived in or the route back to his house.

She phoned the police and they began their search in the local area.

And they found him.

He was in a Florists trying to choose the perfect bouquet for his wife. The police helped him choose the flowers, opting for a  bunch of beautiful white roses, and then brought him home to Doris.


Doris said to CBS News: ‘As he came up those steps, and I saw those roses and the smile on his face, I just broke inside. I just said, “Thank you, thank you.” Because I saw his heart.’

Like if that made you go all mushy inside.


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