11 reasons that prove my mother loves the cats more than me.

Check out the following things I have to deal with to see if you feel the same. 

Keep strong, cat-abandoned child. Keep strong. 


1) The cats can never disappoint my mother.

‘The cat shat on my carpet and dragged a dead bird through the kitchen. But you didn’t do very well in that test? The shame!’

love cat

2) She insists I ‘cat sit’ when she goes away as the cats cannot possibly go to a cattery.

‘We may not have invited you on holiday but you get a better treat -sitting in and watching the cats!’


3) ….and then calls most days asking only about the cats.

‘Are they ok? Have you remembered to feed them?’


4) I hear her talking to them, calling them ‘darling’.

She calls me by just my name.

cat love

5) I look at them like a middle child and for a moment slightly resent how much attention they get.

not cool

6) She will interrupt me to make everyone turn around and look at cute things the cats are doing.


7) We have to be back home for a certain time to be with them.

Of course they will miss us if we aren’t home by 6pm. Eurgh.

audrey cat

8) The cats are the topic of mass conversation. Not just for a few minutes. But for hours. Hours talking about the bloody cats.

My graduation? New job? Nope, just the cat and his gammy eye.


9) The cats kill animals and bring them in the house. She thanks them and puts the half-eaten thing in the bin.

I sincerely doubt I would get the same reaction.


10) She worries about them when they are outside and it’s raining.

I just have a coat.

cat rain

11) She doesn’t like them going out at night as it’s dark and scary.

She tells me not to wake her up when I get in.


This is why my mother loves the cats more than me.

I wonder if I am the only child who has been shamefully abandoned by the introduction of cats. 


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