5 things you did NOT know about backpacking

 Backpacking will be one of the best things you will do. But it’s not all splashing in waterfalls and hanging around with tanned people. Before you head off, check out the below five things that you should know about backpacking. 


1. Stay in a place longer than two nights, may as well start crocheting a ‘Home Sweet Home’ sign.

home sweet home
Whiskers and Wool, Etsy.com

Never does staying in one place for more than a couple of nights feel better than when you’re backpacking. Even though it may not be home, you’ll call it that oh-so-casually.

You may even unpack some of the damp clothes at the bottom of your bag. You may even do some washing. You may even work out what’s been making everything smell like beans. The possibilities are endless!


2. Small talk will be your worst nightmare. 

small talk
Small talk = worse than chatting to your mum for half an hour about the cat’s new toy.

You will have the exact same conversation with everyone you meet. Trust me, it gets boring. And the person you are talking to will feel the same way. That, mixed with not eating well, drinking too much and being so tired you haven’t felt your arms in a few hours, will mean that you won’t be at your most sociable. But stick with it, because that person who you have a menial conversation with one day may well turn out to be your favourite person in the hostel.


3. It’s actually pretty exhausting. 

Rita ora tired instagram
You’ll be as knackered as our Rita after a day of filming 50 Shades… @RitaOra Instagram

Yeah you’re having the time of your life. But you are still human. After 5 flights, a few overnight trains and too many buses to count, you’re going to feel so tired you will flop around like a dying fish.


4, Cooking food will be like the Hunger Games. But less awesome and more rubbish. 

not cool
You’ve been using that pan for ages bruv. Not cool.

“You using that mate?”
“Oh you mean this pan, with my food in it? Cooking right now? Yeah I am… I am actually using it.”
*stands next to you breathing like a pervy asthmatic for the rest of your cooking time*

Shared cooking facilities turns every self respecting 20 year old into a crazy animal desperate for pot noodle and stale white bread. Because no one ever cooks when they’re not hungry, you have oodles of HANGRY people trying to use two crappy hobs and a sparky microwave. Recipe for disaster.


5. Room-mates will make or break your time there.

hate you
People sometimes make it easy to dislike them

Ever heard the phrase ‘it’s not where you are, but who you’re with’?

Although you may be in paradise, if your hostel room-mate is stealing your underwear and using it for “scientific research,” then you will remember that a whole lot more vividly than the Taj Mahal.

Don’t be afraid to venture out of your room, change rooms or even change hostels to make the experience better. It’s your trip. You have paid for it. Don’t let other people change how you enjoy a place.

Have any more things that you didn’t know about backpacking before!? Comment below.


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