Hostel porn: 11 of the world’s coolest hostels

This is nothing less than X-rated hostel porn.  

But there is no terrible acting, dodgy storylines or awkward pauses here. Just sheer bricks and mortar coming together to bring back your urge to feel clean white sheets…see glorious design…and all at a cost that would keep your pockets bulging.

Ahem. Let’s get back to the hostels, shall we? 

Here are the sexiest hostels the world has to offer.  So get comfy and prepare to be weirdly aroused. 

1. Maverick Hostel, Budapest

Maverick Hostel Budapest
This looks more like something the Queen would own than a place that does 2 for 1 pizzas…

‘Oh you’re staying at that hotel…the one with the broken windows and the…is that a rat family on the window sill? Well I’m at Maverick Hostel. It’s in an old mansion built by the Hapsburg dynasty. No biggie.’ 

2. Villa Saint Exupery, Nice, France

Funky is this hostels middle name

This funky hostel is set in a converted monastery and is a sweet 50 meter stagger from the main square in Nice. You can officially say you’re blessed in bed after staying here. Pun definitely intended.

3. Dolphin beach house, Noosa, Australia. 

Dolphin Beach House in Noosa gives you peace and pink...
Dolphin Beach House in Noosa gives you peace and pink…

Once you get back from surfing at the beach (2 minutes away) with the boards you can get from the hostel, you can chill out in the apartment style dorms and then recline in a hippie-to-the-max hammock. Or swim in the plunge pool. Or just find a tree and hug it in happy hippie bliss.

4. Stilts Backpackers, Diani Beach, Kenya

Stilts, Kenya
Stilts, Kenya
 Stilts Backpackers
Tree houses and rainforest at Stilts Backpackers

Stay in tree houses set back in acres of rainforest, just five minutes away from the delicious Indian  Ocean. We’re feeling a Tarzan style swing through this place – straight into bed.

5.Independente, Lisbon


A 19th century palace turned hostel. It’s all about the vintage furniture, typewriters and floorlenght windows that make this place truly special.

6. Hostellerie Paul Jerome near Monte Carlo in La Turbie, France 

Hostellerie Paul Jerome
Hostellerie Paul Jerome

There’s not much more that we can say. It’s so purple, so French, so fabulous. You reach this wonderful place via a medieval alleyway and can dine at their famous restaurant. Oh la ruddy la.

7. Plus Hostel, Berlin

plus hostel
Perfection in plus size.
plus 2
Now there doesn’t look to be any condoms or plasters floating in THIS hostel pool…

They believe they are one of Europe’s best hostels. And we can really see why. Oh, and they offer free yoga classes for even more inner peace throughout your stay.

8. #bunk, Istanbul 

bunk 1
#bunk Istanbul
#bunk Istanbul
#bunk Istanbul

#bunk are so hip and trendy they don’t need to adhere to the rules of capitalising nouns. Nay! They just add a hashtag.

This exhaustingly cool hostel simply says that having a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. And that’s not in a Primark-instead-of-Topshop kinda way. Just look at how beautiful it is.

9. Superbude, Hamburg 

Terry Tetzlaw Smith, Pinterest
Terry Tetzlaw Smith, Pinterest

This cheeky little boutique hostel won a German design award in 2014. And we can understand why. Funky, modern and painfully well thought-out. Rain showers, allergy friendly bedding are amongst the few things that make this place just…a very sophisticated and sensible option.

10. Goli Bosi, Croatia 

Goli Bosi in Croatia

Their dorm rooms are designed in such a way that everyone gets a degree of privacy. And look! It’s yellow! And…yellow!

11. Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden.

That’s a plane…and you actually enjoy sleeping on it. Outstanding.

Jumbo stay is located near the Arlanda airport near Stockholm, Sweden. Just watch the video below to see how awesomely cool this place is. 

If you have any you sexy hostels you would like to add, comment below.

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