Eat with a giant Moomin at the Japanese Cafe. Feel perfectly sane.

A Moomin cafe in Japan offers patrons the ability to sit and eat with one of their giant furry toy Moomin characters – in case you feel stupid sitting alone, that is.

The awesome sauce Moomin books from Finland are the inspiration for this bonkers cafe and they even have a selection of food available which resemble the hippo-like creatures.

So if anyone in Tokyo is a little lonely over their lunch, they can sit with one of the creatures and soak up the intellectual conversation…

Just check out how normal and totally fine this situation looks in real life:


Moomin, Cafe
Picture: Flickr/Culturalelite
Moomin, Cafe
Picture: Flickr/Culturalelite
The Moomins, cafe
Picture: Flickr/Culturalelite

See? Completely fine.


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  1. teekokim says:

    That’s so adorable, it made me smile. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Tri Wahyu says:

    Well, at least when you feel lonely there Moomin ready for accompany you. Interesting cafe.

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