T2 in London: why you should be ruddy excited

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Aussie tea specialist T2 has recently put up shop in Shoreditch, London.

“That’s cool.” I can hear you say casually, perhaps with a fleeting thought to visit if you are in the area.

No. no. Do not dismiss this so easily. Check the train times and pack your bags. Because this is BIG news, I tell you.

Big, giant tea shaped news because T2 may well be – and I have valid reason for this claim – a total heaven on earth.

Coming back from living in Australia last month was difficult for several reasons and leaving my beloved T2 was one of them. But now T2 have very kindly followed me. Ta, loves, I do hope you enjoy London.

So, what’s it like?

You walk through the doors on Redchurch street to piles/reams/oodles of tea filling up the walls and every surface. The place is scattered with tea cups, saucers and tea-drinking paraphernalia. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave – but T2 have kindly rid us of all of pointless gems and gold, instead smattering the place with a much more sensible loot.

Friendly staff greet you and politely ask you to try small cups of things that us English people would usually giggle  at nervously. And it tastes good. Really good. One of my favourites is Madagascan Vanilla or Melbourne Breakfast tea.

T2 Facebook Page

Pretty cups and saucers that you can bring out for your Grandma AND use whilst watching Take Me Out flutter into your vision. 

t2 shoreditch
T2 Facebook Page

I mean, look how happy she is!

T2 Facebook Page


So, tea + prettiness + genuinely incredible flavours = T2, apparently.


Where is this delightful place?

48-50 Redchurch Street, 


E2 7DP 


See you there….

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