Why James Franco is ALL WRONG in the selfies. Wrong I tell you.

I never used to mind James. The Franco. Franky Mc Frankerson; “The Frankinator” as I used to call him and then nudge him sweetly in the side.

But then he started to put stuff like this on his instagram and it makes me feel dirty and funny inside.

WikiHOW very kindly came up with a Cheat Sheet on How to Take Good Selfies. So here’s how Franco measures up:


1) “Choose a well-lit area.”


James Franco TV Instagram


2) “Have some tact.”


James Franco TV Instagram


3) “Pose with a pretty background. There are some places that should be completely off-limits to selfies. 


James Franco TV Instagram


4) “Focus on one feature. If you do decide to make yourself up for your selfie, consider glamming up one feature while downplaying the others.


James Franco TV Instagram


5) “Try a natural look.”


james franco 5
JamesFrancoTV Instagram


I think we can all safely say that Franco has not adhered to good Selfie regulations.

For all our sakes, James, please calm it down.


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