4 Painfully real Things You Learn When You’re in your twenties


1) Facebook becomes baby/engagement/marriage heaven

facebook and baby pictures













Oh joy. Now your friends are all grown up and have someone to ‘put a ring on it.’   You sigh bitterly as you see another status with the writer referring to themselves as ‘Mummy’ and remember walking home from school with these people making armpit farts throughout the journey.

No one is around so you make your armpit fart. You giggle like an idiot.

You realise why it’s them not you sampling wedding cake.


2) You learn the importance of grammar and spelling

bad grammar
bad grammar is wellz unattractive?

Yes, it is a valid reason to not go on that date. Someone declaring you are ‘gorgus’ does not constitute the beginnings of a sound relationship.


3) You find yourself turning into your parents slowly.

turning in to your parents
Parents…what are they like. Oh, like me? Yeah….

Being genuinely annoyed when someone says ‘what’ instead of ‘pardon.’ And don’t even get me started on spitting. Scoundrels.


4) Clubbing is so, so weird.


Remove the music for a minute – you’re basically standing in a circle, mouthing songs to your friends. Not talking.

If we did that at work it would be weird, right?


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