5 MAN reasons: Why Wippa’s Beer Flavoured Sports Drink is… Brilliant

Wippa's Billion Dollar Idea
Wippa’s Billion Dollar Idea

The two things that normal, self respecting humans thought would never be entwined have indeed come together in an unholy matrimony.

That’s right.  Wippa has thought up the erm…genius… idea of a Beer Flavoured Sports Drink – and Maximus have decided to make 10,000 litres of the Head On beverage for the taste buds of Sydney…

My boyfriend, who is all male and likes sports and stuff, was walking with me to the train station and we saw friendly, young, good looking people giving stuff away.

Being a backpacker, naturally I took a bee-line towards their beautiful faces, preparing myself to take full advantage and twitching at the idea of something edible that did not come from the white and red packaging of Woolies or eaten in the confines of a mug.

But this was not the usual teeny tiny packet of crisps or scented tampon. It was a paper bag. It was brown.  It did not look like chocolate. I was alarmed.

Wippa's Billion Dollar Idea comes in it's own paper bag...I do love an added extra.
Wippa’s Billion Dollar Idea comes in it’s own paper bag…I do love an added extra.

However, when I turned to my boyfriend, I could see he was amazed and quite frankly, disappointed that I was not sharing his excitement.

So, here are his top five reasons he decided to bore interest me with (before even drinking the damn thing) as to why it’s a multi million billion  dollar idea:

1)      “I like beer, like lots and lots. I like sports. I mean I like sports so much they may even be better than beer. Oh god. Brain. Just. Melted. Mmmhmmmrm. *slobber* ”

2)      (after I calm him with ‘soft kitty’ for a few moments, he looks at me seriously, drink in hand and talks to me like we are going to war and he needs me to back his plan as “it’s life and death, man.”)

“Think about it, what if you want to go to the pub and yet you feel like you should really go to the gym. You can have the idea of the pub AT the gym. It’s a win-win.”

His mind was blown
His mind was blown

3)     ” I like beer!”

4)  “If you are at the pub and you’re driving, never again will you have to sit there with a coke. It’s the ultimate combination, Hannah – beer, sports power and the ability to drive legally”

Wippa beer flavoured sports drink
Bravo, Wippa!


Wippa beer flavoured sports drink
He’s happy

He then pulls down the paper bag and twists the cap. I swear I can hear the infamous beer ‘hiss’ but know my mind is deceiving me. He gives me another steel blue stare and gulps it down.

The result?

shocked-spit-out-drink_1156151_GIFSoup.com (1)

But that’s just him…I tried it…it wasn’t actually that bad… What do you think?

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